Solutions - Businesses :

The Trutech Solutions for Businesses is Trutechs Business services division. Undertaking projects across a broad spectrum of activities Trutech Business Solutions can add value in several areas which includes

1.Comprehensive Business Solutions which can range from

a.SMS and Email Communication-Trutech Provides comprehensive tools to communicate via integrated SMS and Email Solutions with your customers, vendors and Employees. Maintain a comprehensive contact book and communicate with your business partners in a truly innovative manner.

b.Facebook and Social Networking Applications:
Trutech has expertise in developing different types of applications on various social networking websites such as Facebook. Our apps can integrate well for companies which want to connect with audiences on social networking portals. Trutech develop customized apps which can provide your digital marketing efforts a boost.

c.Mobile (Iphone and Blackberry) Applications: As the mobile becomes the new device for computing Trutech has developed several applications for popular mobile phone platforms such as the Iphone and Blackberry. Our team has built applications both for business as well as for entertainment and brings a wide variety of experience to these growing mobile platforms.

d. CRM and Applications: Trutech Partners with in India and provides organizations customized deployment of Salesforce.comís award winning CRM applications. Our team can also help you develop applications on the platform which can integrate well with the Salesforce platform

e. Web Portal development and IT support for Startups: Have a great idea for a new web portal. Then do get in touch with us and we can develop a website for your idea and have you up and running in no time. Trutech has launched several web portal related ideas for different startups and can help you converting your ideas into reality.

f. Web and Email Hosting: Being a cloud computing company with a vast amount of experience in Server management we can also provide you state of the art Web and Email hosting on our servers. Currently Trutech can provide you with a no hassle hosting solution which guarantees a 100% uptime

g. SMS Based Solution: Trutech provides Bulk push SMS services as well as pull SMS (SMS keyword) services. Our SMS services can be integratred for a wide variety of marketing activities or for any application used for communication with existing customers, vendors and employees.

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