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Recognizing the needs for institutions providing tutorials/coaching as being separate from formal Schools and Colleges Trutech launches its Student Management Solution called the Trutech FRS(Faculty Resource System) for Coaching Organizations. In addition to a large number of learning management and student management features the Trutech FRS provides you critical support in terms of web marketing and administering your institution all through one seamless solution!

While the Trutech FRS can be implemented for academic institutions, it has also been successfully implemented for several organizations teaching development programmes such as Dance, Singing or Public Speaking. In this case our team has completely customized the software to better suit the needs of the particular organization.

Faculty Resource System

Our faculty resource system covers the following modules which allow your classroom to become a dynamic environment where students and teachers are interacting at a whole new level. Our educational module are implemented at the classroom level so each and every classroom can have features that are personalized to the needs of the faculty as well as his or her set of students. These features allow each and every student to have his very own account ( with a username and password) from where he can access all the resources that the school provides him.

The Faculty Resource System by Trutech is being successfully utilized by a wide variety of organizations dealing in education in India as well as around the world

The Specific Modules that constitute the Faculty Resource Systems are

1.Student User Accounts

Each and every student who is part of the classroom will have his own personalized school account which he can access from anywhere online. This will allow him or her to merely log in to his digital classroom with any internet enabled PC. The student will have several functionalities which shall be provided through the account which include submitting assignments, viewing video lectures, reviewing weekly and exam schedule.

2.Email Modules and Management:

Our email module allows you to reach out to your students through a one click email. Getting in touch with your entire class, a particular group of students or just a single student is now possible almost instantly. Additionally have over 100 email ids each having a capacity of 7 GB assigned for use by your faculty

3. Online Testing:

We understand that testing is of prime importance for the student as well as the faculty to understand the studentís academic progress. Thus we bring you the online testing module which allows you to create multiple choice tests as well as long written answer tests online. These tests can then be given by students online in a timed environment. Each student is provided a personalized result for each test allowing him or her to judge her performance over multiple tests. Faculty can also see aggregated performance to understand where exactly are the students failing to grasp concepts

4. Submission of Essay Assignments and Gradebook Facility:

With our proven technology,it is now possible for students to upload their essay assignments online where the teacher can immediately access them. This offers the facility for instant marks entering of students marks in the grade book. The online gradebook can then serve as a ready reference for the student to see how is performed over multiple assignments. Teachers can also use the grade book to see exactly where their students are falling student behind and every extra help needs to be provided

5.Maintain a Resource Repository:

A resource repository can be created which allows the faculty to upload any important notes, presentation or any other data which they want to share with only their students. Additionally URLís of any web resources can be shared with your students at one go.

6.Feedback and Teaching Quality Control:

If you are running an institution which has multiple faculty it is important to judge their performance on a regular basis. Also if any complaint is launched it should be immediately be made aware to the top management. Our Quality Control system allows you to instantly be made aware of any complaint made by any student or parent. Additionally periodic student surveys can be undertaken to judge the teachers performance

7.Video and Notes Upload and Streaming:

We recognize that important concepts can only be taught with the help of visual aids. Thus the video upload module allows teachers to upload videos dealing with important concepts . This service can also be used to upload videos of crucial lectures which students may have missed. This service can also be used to upload notes which can only be accessed by the registered students thus protecting the notes from mass distribution but still allowing it to reach the legitimate students of the teacher

8.Desktop Widgets and Social Networking Applications:

A desktop widget has been created which sits on the userís desktop informing him of the latest happenings at the institution. Also applications can be created for various social networking websites. This can be extremely helpful for marketing purposes

9.One click website editing :

We understand that you may need to constantly update information on your website so as to keep it up to date and relevant for your audiences. Hence we allow you the power to change most of your website details without the need to know any programming. Thus this way you can keep the whole world informed about whatís happening at your institution

10. Flash News Section on your homepage:

Have a constantly updated and scrolling flash news on your homepage wherein you can inform the world the latest that is taking place at your classes

11.A responsive Job Section:

Let the world know of your exact requirements in terms of human resources. Allows you to ask specific questions to specific candidates and manage your overall recruitment process better than by just having candidates mail their resumes

12.Creating an Internal Community:

Create an internal community of students and faculty to collaborate. Use Community forums, Wikis and live chat software to help students and faculty communicate, share and learn online

13.Managing Enquiries:

Have an effective management system for managing prospective students enquires and sharing them in between branches and locations. Allows you to follow up on any enquiries made and ensure you donít lose any prospective student

14.Online Reports and Scorecards:

Now provide all your students instant access to detailed and graphical results of any tests that you have conducted.

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