Pricing :            

The Trutech FRS for Colleges and Schools is provided on the basis of the number of students. Each student is charged on a per user per month basis which allows the institution to be charged according to their scale and size.

As in institutions are free to choose the number of modules that they require the cost of the system develops on the number of modules selected. However the higher the number of the modules in a system the lower is the average module cost.
The implementation of the solution would include

1).Complete customization and editing of the software to suit the needs of the institution
2). Hosting of the solution in our state of the art data centers consisting of server clusters. The entire server and hardware infrastructure is taken care of by our company
3).Implementation Consultancy and Taking Live: The solution is completely taken online by our team which consults your institution on how best to take the solution online. Helps you prepare the data for the initial feeding into the system and ensures that all users (faculty and students ) are taken online in a smooth manner
4).Complete Training: All users of the system such as
i. Students
iii. School and College Administrators

Receive comprehensive training on how to effectively use the FRS. Presentations are conducted for all users in the institutions premises. Additionally manuals are also provided to all users

Support: 24 by 7 Support is provided to all users of the system by phone and online through our support site where users can live chat with our support personnel. This ensures immediate response in case of any problems faced in the system
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