• Schools & Colleges

    The Trutech Solution for schools and colleges provides institutions an online platform from where each and every student and faculty can be connected to the institution. With features including Online Notes and Attendance Management, this serves to be a revolutionary solution in the field of Education.

  • Pre Schools

    The trutech Preschool Management System is an integrated approach to managing the preschool in an Online and Mobile Environment. The System consists of fourteen different features providing you a wide range of functionality.

  • Tutorial Classes

    The Trutech System for Coaching and Self Development Institutes allows institutes of all sizes to provide their system online support and web portal to futher enhance the experience of students and parents. The system also contains several administrative and marketing features providing you a seamless platform to manage your institution.

  • Businesses

    Trutech Business Solution Span
    SMS and Email Communication ; Facebook and Social Networking Applications ; Mobile Phone(BlackBerry and Iphone Applications) ; Salesforce CRM and the Force.com platform.

  • Financial Services

    The Trutech solution for financial Services Firm provides an easy manage web presence for organizations in the financial services domain. The Trutech Financial Services Solutions provides you the tools to provide your customers up to the minute communication from your organization using the web and mobile messaging. Additionally, the solution provides you with nifty tools for administration and managing your dynamic website.

  • Recruitment Testing platform

    iLiftOff has over 125 online tests in various areas such as Technology(20 technologies), Finance(14 areas such as accounts, equity analysis) , Marketing (3 areas), Law (3 areas) as well as General aptitude tests(Logic and Intelligence tests). Over 50,000 tests have already been taken on the platform by over 15,000 users. Using these test scores companies can shortlist candidates for a custom company test which is again conducted on iLiftOff or directly for an interview.


  • The Fluid Motion

    Tomorrow's touchless computing is here today. Explore how you can bring immersive, interactive experiences to computing through voice, movement, and gesture recognition technology. Help unlock the possibilities


Schools & Colleges

Comprehensive Solution for Schools and Colleges
Each Student and Parent gets an Online Account
Complete Administraton of the Institution on an Online Platform
Features Include Communication, Testing, Administration
Intergrates with existing Website
Pre Schools

Database Management For The Entire Preschool
Manage Current Students and Details Directly
One Click SMS and Email Sending
Manage New Student Enquiries and Alumni Students
Administer and Market Your Preschool Easily and Quickly
Tutorial Classes & Self
Development Programmes

Comprehensive and Dynamic Website for the Tutorial Class
Each Student gets a login user id and password
Online Mock Tests, Schedules and Notes accessible to registered students
Direct Email and SMS communication with your students
Financial Services

A dynamic portal providing your client the latest market info
Keep your website dynamically updated with the latest TIPS and market state
Provide your clients an Online Account from which they can access research reports and gain access to their back office
Send daily market tips and research reports via SMS and Email
Family & Wedding Portals

A comprehensive online presence where each member can have his own space to share the latest with the family.
Celebrate events and communicate with all your family members online
An extensive wedding management software allows you to manage almost every aspect of wedding planning, such as guest list preparation, travel arrangements, expense accounts and multiple party coordination with caterers, decorators etc.
Real Estate

A solution that allows each resident of a building society or a gated community to have access to an online platform
Manage tasks related to paying maintenance bill and accounting of the society or community
Community Software which allows members to share, discuss and interact with each other online
Web & Mobile Solutions
For Businesses

For StartUps ?if you have a web based portal idea we can execute it for you
Simplify your existing process through online and Web Based Processes
Use the Power of integrating Mobile SMS in your business applications
Build a truly comprehensive and dynamic web presence
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