Solutions - Preschools :

The system seeks to help Preschools better Manage

1.Communication : with Parents and other concerned parties. Modes of communication would include automated Email and SMS, increased functionality of website, ability to instantly share videos and pictures of events that have taken place at the centre.

2.Marketing: Raise awareness through online and mobile medias using tools such as Desktop Widgets. Manage enquiries online, over the phone as well as in person by visiting the centres of the pre-school. The solution also helps you stay in touch with your alumni base of students thus providing you an excellent platform to market your service to siblings or friends of past students.

3.Administration: Allows the organization to better manage administrative matters concerned with admission of students, fee payment and reminders, consent forms for field trips, medical and allergy forms of students, E-delivery of student progress reports and the syllabus list taught every week. A handy contact manager is also built into the system allowing you to manage the various contact details of all individuals related to the school.

Modules of System :

The Trutech Preschool management consists of twelve modules which are well integrated with each other as well as your Preschools existing website. This allows parents a seamless experience directly from your website as well as on their mobile phones through SMS

The different Modules of the system are :

1.Parental Online Accounts : Each and every parent is provided an online parental account directly from your website. With this account the parent can log into to see the latest updated schedule, the child’s progress report, photos of the latest events that have happened at the school , See a copy of all SMS sent to the parent over the past week.

2.Auto SMS: A SMS service that can be used not only in emergencies to communicate with parents can also send an SMS automatically on the basis of certain events and processes. These events and processes can range from

• Auto Birthday SMS

• Fee Reminders

• Information regarding regularly Scheduled events (For example reminding parents of the monthly Parents teacher Meeting

• Also SMS can be sent to sort students into different groups on the basis of their class and timings. For instance students can be sorted according to different classes they are a part of. If the morning class on a particular day is delayed the message can be sent to students.

3.Uploading of Event Pictures and Videos: With our simple to use picture and video upload facility you can upload pictures of any latest event for the parents to view online directly from your website. The photos can only be viewed by parents on logging into the system or if you want by any visitor to your website. Also parents can be emailed a copy of photos related to their children directly for taking print out of the same.

4.Student Progress Reports: Through the use of online report generator you can create a report template exactly as per the look and feel of your school which shall include your logo and design inputs. These can simplify your creation of student progress reports. Each report is emailed to the parent, stored in the students online account and provides a printable output for sending a hardcopy to the parent as well. Also as an administrator you can see the progress of the student across different years and see all of the students report cards over her time in school in a single click.

5.Feedback and Quality Surveys: Undertake feedback surveys on regular intervals to judge parents and students satisfaction with the facilities provided. Provides a parent complaint module wherein parents can directly get in touch with the top management in case of any complaints or problems.

6.Desktop Widgets: A tool which parents can directly download on their desktop. This can have multiple applications ranging from showing pictures of children at the preschool to displaying parenting tips uploaded by you. Can also be used to disseminate instant information to parents.

7.Parental Forums: Provide an online community where parents of your school students as well as teachers can interact, communicate with each other sharing parenting related tips as well as information.

8.One Click Website Editing: Edit the frontpage and the other sections of your website in a single click. This can be a really handy tool in case your website needs to be updated on an instant basis. Inform prospective parents of the last date to purchase and submit forms, of any centres that are opening in the near future as well as any happenings or events taking place at your preschool.

9.Managing New Customer Enquiries: Many a times parents call or walk in to the centres and enquire regarding enrolling their students for the next years. These enquires can be recorded and instantly contacted through our New Customer Management Module. The module allows you to record all enquiries that your school receives either through telephone, through walk in or through your website can be recorded directly in your online system by authorized administrative users. These enquiries can be sent an instant SMS informing them when forms are out or whether any new centres are starting.

10.Online Admissions: The entire admission process goes online in terms of allowing parents the opportunity to fill up the admission form online. This saves administrative hassles in terms of recording written forms in a computerized format and also allows parents to save time by filling the form instantly. Also an online payment gateway is integrated allowing parents to pay the fees instantly through net banking or their credit cards.

11. 500 Email Addresses Our company provides you 500 email ids These email addresses can be given to your staff members for official communication. Each of these email addresses has over 7 GB of space.

12. Online Schedules: Maintain an online schedule in terms of both date and time informing parents of any special activities that may be taking place during the coming month. An automatic SMS and email communication is done to the parents in case of any change in the schedule. This can be effectively used to inform parents of what items their children may need to carry, or whether the children need to be sent earlier than the regular time.

13.Alumni Management: A system to completely manage your alumni students so as to stay in touch with them and also cross sell the school to their siblings and friends.

14.Contact Management: A complete contact management solution allowing you to manage the contact details of all individuals related to the school such as teachers, school doctors,school staff etc.

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