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The Trutech Housing Community Management Software provides an online platform for the residents of building societies and real estate communities . The software is implemented for an entire housing community wherein an online website and web software is launched for the entire community. Each resident is provided an online account from where he can access the online system for his building society. Also the building website serves a valuable purpose in helping the builder market the building in the pre sales stage. The complete system includes the following comprehensive modules.

I) Complete Web System for Residents

A complete web system is built and access is provided to each and every resident. By logging onto the web system residents can undertake several tasks which include

1.Administrative Tasks:

These system features deal with regular tasks that residents of building do on a daily basis which deal with areas like Payment of monthly bills, election of new society members, booking of common building spaces and sporting activities (tennis courts or building grounds for parties etc.)

a. Online Creation, Delivery and Payment of Monthly Society Maintenance Bills: The system allows the society administrators to create all the society related bills online from where residents can access their respective monthly bill. Residents get an online copy of all their society bills over the last twelve months for their reference and can also take print outs of relevant bills. The system can also be configured to send email and SMS remainders to residents whose society dues maybe overdue. Also the system allows maintaining of the entire building society's accounting records online thus allowing complete transparency in financial matters.

Residents also have the option of paying their society bills online without the hassle of having to pay by cheque

b. Society Elections Online: The elections for the society office bearers happen online in a simple and quick manner. Whenever new elections have to be undertaken for the society office bearers an online election can be launched which allows the resident to vote online for the respective candidates

c. Booking of Common Spaces and Sports Facilities: The system allows for seamless booking of various common spaces and sports facilities that may exist in the building complex. Thus residents can simply logon and check which facilities are available at a particular point in time and can then also make their booking for a particular time online

d. Online Surveys and Complaint Raising Mechanism: The system allows residents to share feedback and conduct surveys regarding building related issues. In cases wherein members would like to understand what the majority feels about a certain issue the online survey is a useful tool. Also the complaint mechanism provides building residents an online platform to voice complaints any building employees who may not be properly undertaking their job.

2. Communication Related Functionalities

The system comes with a range of communication oriented features which allows for comprehensive email and SMS communication

a. Instant SMS and email to all residents: No longer do building administrators have to communicate with residents by hand delivered circulars. Instant SMS and email features allow instant sending of SMS and email to all the building residents to inform them of building related events, activities and other information which may be related to the building.

b. Communication with service providers such as electricians and Plumbers: Many a times residents need to log service requests to the building plumber, electrician or other such support staff. The online system makes it extremely easy for residents to log online complaints to this support staff. An immediate SMS is sent to the requisite service provider with details of the complaint. Also the Building manager is also informed of the complaint through the online system and can also follow up on the same.

c. Online Resident Contact Detail Directory: An online Contact Details directory is maintained which residents can access so as to find the contact details of each other

3.Social Functions

Residents are provided various features which allow them to interact socially with other residents

a. Forums: Online forums are maintained which allow residents to share their thoughts and views on their community online.

b. Resource Sharing: A portal wherein residents can explore what items such as books, videos, movies they can exchange with other residents in their building complex. Generally it is easy to share resources with other residents of the building. This online utility allows residents to search for resources such as books, movies from other residents and helps build an online exchange for the exclusive use of residents

c. Resident Announcements and Invitations: Residents can also share special news or invitations (invitation to all residents for a birthday party) with other members right over the online system.

4.Human Resources Management Functions

The software comes with a comprehensive Human Resource Management tool for all the building related staff.

I) Complete Human Resource Management for All Building Employees Each Building complex has its own staff members whose H.R Related functions can be easily looked after by the built in human resource management module. All employees of the building are registered in the system. From here all issues related to the attendance, salary and identity card can be looked after by the building manager/administrator

II) Complete Marketing System for a Building during the Presales Period

The system also serves as a complete marketing tool during the presales period of the building complex. A complete marketing oriented website is built for the building with pictures and plans of the building. Also additional tools are provided which include

a. Lead and Enquiry Management: A tool which allows you to manage all the leads and enquiries that are related to that particular building project.

b. Communication with customers during the Building Construction Phase: A comprehensive system which allows you to communicate with existing customers reminding them of part payments as and when they fall due and other details of the construction that is taking place at the building.

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